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Model No: Polo-W

Competitive Price Seplos POLO-W Wall Mounted 48V 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate 5kwh LiFePO4 Battery Pack For Solar Home Energy Storage

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Seplos POLO-W is a 5kwh battery pack used for energy storage. It's a low voltage 100ah 48v lifepo4 battery pack. It's compatible with most inverter brands in the market. 
We also have other 24V, and 48V lithium battery available, please contact us for more details. 
Rated energy(kWh)
Nominal Voltage(V)51.2V
Nominal Capacity(Ah)100Ah
Working Voltage(V)42V~58.4V
Rated charge/discharge
50A/100A @25±2℃
Maximum charge/discharge current100A@25±2℃
Working Temperature0~40℃(Charge) -20~40℃(Discharge)
Cycle life4800 cycles @25℃ 50A charge and discharge current 70% standard capacity 90% DOD
Communication modeCAN&RS485
Item Highlight
  • High safety lifepo4 battery
  • Ten-year warranty
  • Multi-level of protection
  • Power wall
  • Support 485 and CAN communication
  • Competitive Price (Order a large quantity of this 48v lifepo4 battery pack, and contact the sales to get the lowest price )
Item Detail
Low Power (Two Batteries In Parallel)
High Power (Multiple Units In Parallel)
Low Voltage 48V Energy Storage Solution - Suitable Inverters

If the inverter is not on the list, do not hesitate to get in touch with our engineer )

GoodweGoodwe Communication ProtocolCANV1.5
LolisCAN Communication ProtocolCANV1.0
SofarBMS CAN BUS ProtocolCANV1.0
Growatt-SPFGrowatt BMS CAN-Bus-Protocol-Low-VoltageCANV1.05
Growatt-SPHGrowatt BMS Communication Protocol Of Growatt Low Voltage BatteryCANV1.01
LUXPOWERLuxpowertek Battery CAN ProtocolCANV1.0
StuderTechnical Specification Studer BMS ProtocolCANV1.03
TBBTBB BMS CAN Communication V1.02CANV1.02
Sorocec2_CAN Protocol 1.0CANV1.0
MEGAREVOHybrid Inverter_5K_BMS Protocol V1.01CANV1.01
SacolarGrowatt BMS CAN-Bus-Protocol-Low-VoltageCANV1.05
MUSTPV1800F-CAN Communication ProtocolCANV1.04.04
AFORELuxpowertek Battery CAN ProtocolCANV1.0
Voltronic PowerVoltronic Inverter And BMS 485 Communication Protocol485V1.0
SRNEPACE BMS Modbus Protocol For RS485485V1.3
Growatt-SPFSPF BMS RS485485V2.01