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Model No: B-48150

Seplos 48V 150A 13S 14S NCM 15S 16S LFP Lifepo4 Lithium Battery Management System BMS

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Technical Parameters

Battery type and serial numberLFP(16S)NCM(14S)
Continuously charging/discharging current50A100A150A200A50A100A150A200A
Communication protocolCANBUS(default) RS485(Please contact Sale man)
Custom functionHeating function, External switch, RS485 protocol
Discharge Output Impedance<2mΩ
Working Temperature-20℃-70℃
compensating impedance10mΩ
Current limiting(charging)10A
Current BalancePassive balance150mA(Max)
Power consumptionWorking mode power consumption<40mA
Sleeping mode power consumption0uA
Capacity protectionNominal capacity5-500Ah
Remaining capacity protection5%
Short Circuit protectionShort circuit protection lockContinuously short in the output circuit
Short circuit protection lock times5 times
Short circuit protection lock releaseConnected with charger
Individual cell voltage protectionOver voltage protection3650mV4200mV
Under voltage protection2700mV2900mV
Voltage protectionOver voltage protection57.6V58V
Under voltage protection41.6V40.6V
Current protectionOver current protection60A110A160A210A60A110A160A210A
Over current protection30mS
Heating functionStart0℃


Technology upgrade :
The BMS can add a module now, check below for detail:


Bluetooth modulesUSD 10
Heating modulesUSD 10
Heating padUSD 60

With Bluetooth modules, users can manage the battery on the phone conveniently;
and with h
eating modules, the user can make sure there is heat enough to run the battery Systems when the temperature is below 0 ℃ or even below -20℃.

BMS Functions



Voltage: total voltage, voltages of individual cells, minimum and maximum cell voltage.​​
Temperature: environment temperature, the temperature of cells, and BMS PCB.
State of charge: indicate the charge level of the battery.
Current: current in or out of the battery.
CANBUS 24/48V  8S/16S 200A lithium iron phosphate battery smart monitoring management system 1
CANBUS communication
Our BMS can support up to 16 units in parallel operation.
RS485 communication(RS485 can be customize)
PSWhen we want to view the battery pack parameters through the battery parameter monitoring software, we need to use the Rj45 to USB Adapter to connect the battery pack to the computer. We recommend that you purchase an Rj45 to USB Adapter from us. Adapters purchased from the market may not work properly due to the definition of the hardware


Over voltage protection ​
Capacity protection
Pre-charging function
Current limiting
Under voltage protection
Charge, discharge, and ambient temperature protection
Charge and discharge over current protection
Charge current limitation
Short circuit protection
Custom function:
Heating function
External switch
RS485 protocol

Equalizing function:

Passive equalization

Communication methods:

CANBUS communication method:

Now our CANBUS communication board supports these brands of inverters, and our BMS has built-in CANBUS protocol of matching inverter brands, which can be automatically matched or manually switched:

The default is the Pylontech CANBUS protocol
Growatt(The default is SPF(off-grid) protocol. If your inverter is SPH(on-grid) , please contact the salesperson)


PS:If the inverter brand not in the listed,please ask your inverter supplier for the protocol define.And sent it to us,we 'll help confirm that

RS485 communication method

Now our RS485 communication board supports these brands of inverters,The BMS with RS485 communication has a built-in RS485 protocol, please confirm with the salesman before buying what you need is that one RS485 protocol:
The default is the Pylontech RS485 protocol


PS:If the inverter brand not in the listed,please ask your inverter supplier for the protocol define.And sent it ti us,we'll help confirm that.

Q: Can the 485 version and CAN version of the V14 BMS change the baud rate of the BMS by refreshing the program?
A: NO, they are different versions of the chip.

Q: Is it an equalizing function, active or passive and what is the equalizing current?
A: It’s a passive equalizing function with a 150mA current.

Q: What is the connection mode of communication when BMS communicates with inverter or 485 communication and CAN communication?
A: External communication means that BMS is connected to the CANBUS interface when communicating with the inverter (RS485 interface is used for communication with Voltonic inverter)

Q: The BMS cannot work and the indicator does not light up.
A: May be caused by D4 diode damage.

Q: Which BMS model is suitable for ternary lithium batteries?
A: The ternary lithium battery can support up to 14S version of the BMS. The firmware version of the ternary lithium battery BMS is different from the lithium iron phosphate BMS and cannot be used universally.

Q: SMA and Victron inverter will report fault when fully charged BMS.
A: The fault can be solved by refreshing the firmware program (version 2.8). The V16 BMS does not have this fault.

Q: Voltronic inverter and its licensed inverter only have 485 communication versions of BMS or a new version of BMS (V16 version). How to use the inverter?
A: The Voltonic inverter uses the RS485 interface for communication. DIP dialing is different from other versions of BMS. Connect and dial 1on to the host, 2on to the first slave, and 3on to the second slave. You can ask me to send relevant documents.

Q: How is the BMS function of SOC calculating and cycle life counting work?
A: First, modify the rated capacity of the battery, then complete a full charge and discharge process, the actual battery capacity will be learned.SOC is calculated by capacity accumulation and voltage calibration.
  It has the function of calculating the number of charging and discharging cycles. When the cumulative discharge capacity of the battery pack reaches the set full capacity.At 20% (default), the number of cycles increases by one, and the set value of the battery cycle capacity parameter can be changed through the upper computer.

Q: The issue of battery monitoring software cannot see the master when multiple BMS are in parallel.
A: When multiple BMS are in parallel, the battery monitoring software cannot see the information of the master, and only know the information of the slave. If you want to see the information of the master, you need to turn off the DIP of the master and connect it separately or use the LCD screen with Bluetooth function or use the onboard BMS with Bluetooth function.

Q: Why not message display on an LCD screen?
A: 1. The function of the LCD did not open.
    2. Poor contact of connecting or broken wire of LCD screen.
    3. The new version of BMS with Bluetooth, but install with an LCD screen without Bluetooth.

Q: limited algorithm of charge current.
A: Unbalanced in the current distribution. charge current if any device is in charging warning of voltage, temperature, and capacity or charging protection.
2. charge current values remain at 10.0A when no device is charging.
3. charge current is based on the role if overcurrent is greater than 20.0A then reduce 10.0A, otherwise, remain at 10.0A when a single device is charging.
4. charge current is based on the role of overcurrent value multiply by the device’s quantity then divide by two if more than two devices are charging.
5. The charge current will be cleared and the chargeable value will be set to 0A when any single cell voltage is more than +30mV compare to the overvoltage protection value with the battery pack in parallel.

Q: what if the customer wants to purchase BMS but the inverter in use is not on the compatible list?
A: Customers need to provide the communication protocol of their inverter.

Q: Battery monitoring software not working or load protocol failure.
A:1.Download new program.2.set the correct format language(as below)

Q: The functions of heating and heating pad choosing.
A: BMS with heating function need to be customized because the heating pad size is not specific, customer need to purchase by themself and the current can not be over 4A.

Q: The specification of 12V BMS in series or in parallel.
A: In series or in parallel is available but only individually,4 BMS is limited in series but no limit in parallel.

Q: About firmware program upgrade.
A: Not allowed to upgrade the Firmware program without permission, after-sales service is not available if its causes any damage.

Q: The temperature shows at -50℃
A: NTC temperature sensor damaged or welding disengaged.

Q: The conditions to use one key to power on/off.
A: Master BMS can control slave one to power on or off when the battery working in parallel. It could not be one key to power on/off if the master address is not dialed (the new version BMS can be dialed automatically) and all BMS is not in standby mode(because the current of the battery will flow each other if there is not in standby mode when in parallel).

Q: Is it the BMS that can change to another model to use by loading the parameter?
A: NO(such as 13S and 14S,15S and 16S can be changed by loading the parameter, but this will not be recommended because it could lead to malfunction)

Q: Running normally but there is busbar over voltage warming.
A: Please check if the battery circuit connection is correct.

Q: Is there any other way can know the status of BMS?
A:1.browse on PC software.2.check the message on LCD screen.3.check the status of LED in BMS(as described in the manual)