Seplos LCD Screen For Lithium Phosphate Battery Pack Lifepo4 Smart BMS

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LCD Screen PCB board dimension: 105mm (L) * 55mm (W) * 6.8mm (H)
Display area size: 66.3*38.3mm
Button diameter: 3.5mm


Home Page:

  • PackV: Pack total voltage 
  • Current: Current in and current out 
  • SOC: The remaining capacity 
  • Warn: Warning status

Menu Page:

  • CellV: Individual cell voltage monitoring 
  • Temperature: Temperature monitoring 
  • Warn: Warning status monitoring 
  • Capacity: Capacity monitoring

Warning Page:

  • OV-Warn: High voltage warning
  • OV-Prot: Over voltage protection 
  • UV-Warn: Low voltage warning 
  • UV-Prot: Under voltage protection 
  • OT-Warn:High temperature warning 
  • OT-Prot: Over temperature protection 
  • UT-Warn: Low temperature warning 
  • UT-Prot: Low temperature protection 
  • OC-Warn: Over current warning 
  • OC-Prot: over current protection 
  • CAPA-Warn: Remaining capacity warning 
  • OFF-USE: Cell failure warning 
  • SCP: Short-circuit protection
  • Capacity Page
  • FCC: Pack total capacity 
  • Rm: Remaining capacity 
  • Cycle Time: cycle times
LCD Screen Application
LCD Screen Certification