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Model No: MASON-48280-DIY

Seplos 51.2V 280Ah Lithium Phosphate LiFePO4 Battery Pack DIY Kits Box Building Solar Energy Storage

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Rated energy(kWh)
Nominal Voltage(V)51.2V
Nominal Capacity(Ah)280Ah @0.5C discharge current 25±2℃
Discharge Cut-off Voltage (V)41.6V
Standard charge/discharge Current (A)140A @25±2℃ (Recommended)
Max Standard charge/discharge Current (A)200A @25±2℃
Working Temperature0~50℃(Charge) -10~50℃(Discharge)
Recommended SOC Range15-95%
Communication modeCAN (Default)or RS485
  • Suitable for EVE 3.2V 280Ah and SEPLOS 3.2V 280Ah LiFePO4 prismatic cells.
  • Battery cell is made from lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) with safety performance and longer cycle life.
  • Specially designed plastic cell holder features fire proof and insulation. 8 cells in series composes a battery module, and two modules in series, then connected with BMS, composes a SEPLOS PUSUNG battery pack.
  • BMS has over-discharge, over-charge, over-current, high and low-temperature warning and protection functions.
  • BMS monitors the charge and discharge state and balances the current and voltage of each cell.
  • BMS comes with an upper computer system for real-time cell and pack voltage, current, temperature, and battery status monitoring and recording.
  • Flexible configuration, max. 16 packs can be connected in parallel for expanding capacity and power with 8 DIP switches.
    Pre-programmed with multi-protocols, SEPLOS MASON-280 51.2V 280Ah works with multi-brands of inverters. Check the communication inverter list.

Low Voltage 48V Energy Storage Solution - Suitable Inverters

If the inverter is not on the list, do not hesitate to get in touch with our engineer )

GoodweGoodwe Communication ProtocolCANV1.5
LolisCAN Communication ProtocolCANV1.0
SofarBMS CAN BUS ProtocolCANV1.0
Growatt-SPFGrowatt BMS CAN-Bus-Protocol-Low-VoltageCANV1.05
Growatt-SPHGrowatt BMS Communication Protocol Of Growatt Low Voltage BatteryCANV1.01
LUXPOWERLuxpowertek Battery CAN ProtocolCANV1.0
StuderTechnical Specification Studer BMS ProtocolCANV1.03
TBBTBB BMS CAN Communication V1.02CANV1.02
Sorocec2_CAN Protocol 1.0CANV1.0
MEGAREVOHybrid Inverter_5K_BMS Protocol V1.01CANV1.01
SacolarGrowatt BMS CAN-Bus-Protocol-Low-VoltageCANV1.05
MUSTPV1800F-CAN Communication ProtocolCANV1.04.04
AFORELuxpowertek Battery CAN ProtocolCANV1.0
Voltronic PowerVoltronic Inverter And BMS 485 Communication Protocol485V1.0
SRNEPACE BMS Modbus Protocol For RS485485V1.3
Growatt-SPFSPF BMS RS485485V2.01